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Beautiful from head to toe

We offer you a wide range of cosmetic treatments. Treat yourself to a cleansing facial treatment, a soothing facial massage or pamper your hands and feet. Our experienced wellness staff look forward to seeing you.

Cosmetic treatments LADIES

Discover the secret of younger-looking skin after a clarifying facial peel, a firming cosmetic treatment, an extra dose of moisture or a soothing facial massage. We also devote our full attention to your hands and feet.

Cleansing / Manual
(approx. 45 Min)
59.00 €

Don’t give spots and blemishes a chance!
With the corrective treatment, we place particular emphasis on intensive skin cleansing and the restoration of skin balance, especially in the case of excessively oily skin.

Vitalizing beauty treatment
approx. 30 Min 49.00 €
approx. 60 Min 69.00 €

Beauty needs to be cultivated.
Individually tailored to your skin needs. The active ingredients in this care firm, revitalize and protect your skin. The treatment is also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.

Pampering treatment with immediate effect
(approx. 70 min.)
89.00 €

Beauty is also a question of proper care.
A unique cosmetic treatment for more radiance, luminosity and energy. Intensively moisturizes the skin, reduces expression lines and relieves tiredness. The result – visibly younger skin after just one treatment.

PRO-BEAUTY treatment at the highest level
Basic (approx. 30 Min) 59.00 €
Face & décolleté (approx. 70 Min) 89.00 €

Discover the secret of younger-looking skin.
During this treatment, your skin is deeply cleansed, detoxified and purified with the help of the enzyme peel and then effectively supplied with highly effective ingredients.
Experience a radiantly fresh, supple complexion, softened lines and a visual improvement in the skin’s appearance.

Spa manicure
approx. 40 min 45,00€
approx. 50 min – with varnishing 55,00€
Soft, supple hands and beautiful nails are no coincidence.

Our program with manicure (shorten and shape nails, remove cuticles), wrap, small massage and nail oil treatment will turn your hands into a showpiece.
Spa pedicure – Cosmetic foot care
approx. 40 min 45,00€
approx. 50 min – with varnishing 55,00€
Callus softening and removal using medical products, intensive nail care, optional removal of corns, peeling mask, relaxing massage.
Cosmetic treatments for MEN

It’s not just women’s skin that needs care, men’s skin has needs too. Enjoy a soothing facial treatment or treat your hands and feet to an extra round of care.

Relaxing facial massage
(approx. 20 min.)
The soothing face and head massage removes stress, gently beautifies and leads to a deep and happy sleep. With type-appropriate day care.
CLASSIC CLEAN – For all U21s
(approx. 40 min.)
49.00 €
This treatment ensures a clarified and clean appearance for young, blemished skin.

  • Medical history
  • Cleaning
  • Peeling
  • Cleansing
  • Cooling, soothing mask
  • Individual final care
Men’s wellbeing care
(approx. 60 min.)
69.00 €
In this beauty treatment for men, skin impurities are removed after exfoliation. This is followed by a skin-soothing mask and an active ingredient ampoule with a face, throat and neck massage specially developed for men.
(approx. 70 min.)
89.00 €
The intensive care provides youthful elasticity and vitality.
With individually selected products, your skin receives exactly what it needs to give you a fresh, youthful appearance. During the facial massage, the metabolism is stimulated by skin-stimulating massage strokes, blood circulation is promoted and the supply of nutrients to the skin is improved. You can also relax wonderfully during the treatment.
Lymphatic drainage
(approx. 20 min.)
39.00 €
Massage, the lymph flow is stimulated, the tissue is decongested and swelling in the facial area is reduced. Includes an active ingredient ampoule that makes your skin glow again. With type-appropriate day care.
Spa manicure – well-groomed hands
(approx. 30 min.)
Classic men’s manicure including hand massage and nail care.
Spa pedicure
Well-groomed feet
(approx. 40 min.)

Foot care for a good walking sensation. Walking is easier, better and completely carefree with well-groomed feet.

  • Soften calluses
  • Basic foot care incl. Nail correction
  • Remove calluses
  • small relaxing massage
Callus therapy
(approx. 30 min.)
Calluses not only look unattractive, they also pose a health risk, especially when cracks form and fissures develop. The more you cut away the cornea, the thicker it grows back. Here you can find out how to treat calluses on your feet correctly. Tips for at home, incl. a foot cream.
Cosmetic treatments for him & her

Exceptional massage experience with a deep effect – for him and her.

approx. 30 min – € 39.00
approx. 60 min – 69,00 €

The aim of the massage is to stimulate and support the body’s self-healing powers.

  • Lymphatic drainage: getting the lymph flowing
  • Relax facial muscles: Anti-ageing effect and prevention of skin ageing.
  • Fascia massage: release adhesions, loosen tense muscles

Time for relaxation

Opening hours

  • Sauna: 9:00-22:00
  • Indoor swimming pool: 6:30-22:00
  • Outdoor pool: from 7:00
  • Massage area: 8:00-17:00
  • Cosmetics area: 8:00-18:00
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