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weight loss program 4.1

weight loss program 4.1

How to lose weight efficiently

Based on the four pillars of “measurement methods, nutrition program, exercise & relaxation”, we support you in changing your diet and losing weight in the long term. Our program has been impressing our guests for over 7 years. Numerous participants have already successfully lost weight with the help of our individually developed exercise and nutrition plan.

weight loss program

weight loss days 4.1

See for yourself!

Our weight loss days program was developed in collaboration with leading doctors, therapists and trainers. With the help of the latest measuring methods, training sessions, an individual training plan and an optimized fat loss diet, we help you lose weight.

At the beginning of your stay, we carry out a metabolic and bioimpedance measurement, among other things. This means that all weight-relevant key figures are determined in detail and on a sound basis. Our range also includes specially developed training sessions such as Tanneck Vital Walking and a sophisticated training plan on the Medi-Board to keep your body and mind fit. This is the perfect complement to our “weight loss program 4.1”.

The weight loss program combines findings from the H²O formula and the Volumetrics method.

But relaxation is not neglected either! A wide range of offers awaits you. Take advantage of our wellness area, for example, let yourself be pampered with a soothing massage, have a SlimYonik treatment or simply go on a fantasy journey.


The effective weight loss program with comprehensive services

per person from € 986.00

  • seven overnight stays
  • the new, contemporary and optimized weight loss days diet (three meals, individually adapted)
  • Drink flat rate with mineral water and a wide selection of teas
  • Own tea set in the room
  • an introductory talk with a tour of the house
  • a blood pressure measurement
  • a training pulse determination
  • Provision of heart rate monitors and Nordic walking poles for the training sessions (deposit required)
  • Metabolic analyses with the eScan
  • Bioimpedance measurements
  • An individual training plan on the Power Plate
  • a training pulse determination
  • Daily targeted training to burn fat, e.g.
    with water gymnastics, vital walking, Mediboard
  • Bodyfeeling workout for relaxation
  • Any number of sessions in the infrared cabin
  • Recipe collection for cooking
  • a detailed nutrition program
  • an individually developed exercise plan
  • a gift package for home
  • SLIMYONIK / Air Bodystyler
  • Massages
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Kneipp treatments

You can find more information here in our current brochure “weight loss program 4.1” .

effective weight loss through accurate measurement methods

Support for your weight loss goal

Lose weight effectively through analysis

A bioimpedance measurement is carried out by simply applying an electrode to the foot and hand and only takes a few seconds. The following parameters are determined:

Christina Mörz
Nutritionist Nordic walking trainer SKA
is a self-employed nutritionist, Nordic walking trainer (SKA) and Pilates instructor.

Bioimpedance analysis

A bioimpedance measurement is carried out by simply applying an electrode to the foot and hand and only takes a few seconds. The following parameters are determined:

Bioimpedance analysis
40,00 €

The results can be used to derive a reliable statement about training, physical and nutritional condition. The determination of body cell mass and muscle mass is an important tool in training and nutritional advice. With the help of a bioimpedance measurement, it is therefore possible to determine which lever needs to be used to reduce weight or build muscle mass, for example.

The bioimpedance analysis must not be carried out:

Metabolic analysis

The e-Scan is a high-tech measuring system for carrying out a metabolic analysis. Here, for example, it is determined whether there are any health hazards or risks. Such a measurement also serves to document training progress and can therefore be used for training control.

In order to be able to analyze the human metabolism precisely and comprehensively, the e-Scan is used to measure the breath. To do this, you breathe in and out through a mouthpiece for about three to five minutes in a relaxed sitting position. Fine sensors measure the breathing gas and transmit the data to specially designed software. Based on the measurement results, a customized nutrition plan and training guidelines are automatically printed out.

Metabolic analysis with e-Scan
40,00 €
Metabolic analysis with training and Nutrition plan
95,00 €

The following questions can be answered by measuring your metabolism with the e-Scan:

  • Am I currently gaining or losing weight?
  • How effective is my metabolism?
  • What is the proportion of sugar and fat burned?
  • What is my daily energy consumption?
  • Why can I not lose weight or only lose weight badly?
  • What is the cause of fatigue and low performance?
  • Is there a risk of diabetes or diabetes in old age?
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