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Supplement your program

Slimyonics is a holistic concept based on scientific findings and a combination of internal and external body treatment. Above all, it is the ideal complement to the “weight loss days 4.1” weight loss program.



Body styling made easy!

The basis is the SLIMYONIK Bodystyler, which uses individual pressure wave massages to stimulate blood circulation in the skin and fatty tissue.

The simultaneous inhalation of oxygen-enriched breathing air gently mobilizes your lymphatic system and activates your metabolism. This is because an active metabolism and sufficient oxygen are required to reduce body fat. Only then is the body able to break down fatty acids and release most of them through the respiratory system.

  • Effective against cellulite
  • activates the lymphatic system
  • supports fat burning through additional oxygen supply
  • ensures faster regeneration after intensive training
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Increases blood flow to fatty tissue
Slimyonics individual treatment

One-off treatment

incl. Introductory talk 50,00€
Slimyonics packages

Benefit from the multiple application

Triple test package 130,00€
Introductory talk and three treatments
Body Concept Basic 190,00€
Introductory talk and five treatments
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