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Kneipp applications

Natural healing methods according to Sebastian Kneipp

In 2015, the German UNESCO Commission added “Kneipp therapy as a traditional knowledge and practice according to the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp” to the nationwide list of intangible cultural heritage. Take advantage of the positive effect of the water with various Kneipp watering sessions, Kneipp baths or other Kneipp treatments.

Kneipp applications
Kneipp baths

Kneipp baths are administered as cold, warm and alternating baths with herbal additives such as hay flowers, lavender or rosemary.

Arm or foot bath 9,00€
The cold bath has a very refreshing effect, stimulates the
circulation and has a vegetative stabilizing effect.
The interaction of warm and cold is
vein-stabilizing. The arm bath strengthens the
Alternating hot / cold bath 10,00€
For circulatory disorders of the hands and
Arms, as well as when the hands fall asleep
and fingers, this bath is highly recommended.
The circulation is also stimulated by
Use as for low blood pressure.
Alternating foot bath hot / cold 10,00€
For chronically cold feet and blood circulation
disorders, also for insomnia
this alternating bath is used.
Headaches are also often relieved.
Sitz bath 15,00€
The warm sitz bath stimulates circulation and relieves cramps. It helps with spinal complaints, especially in the lumbar spine, sciatica and lumbago.
Half / three-quarter bath 20,00€
Acts according to the expansion
relaxing effect on the back muscles and
the entire circulatory and metabolic system
system and is nerve-relaxing and
skin caring.
Kneipp watering

Kneipp showers are treatments in which a concentrated, almost pressureless jet of water is directed along individual parts of the body or the whole body.

Beauty indulgence 7.50 €
Arm bath cold/warm 8.00 €
Chest casting cold/warm 8.00 €
Hot chest cast / lumbar cast 8.00 €
Thigh cast 8.00 €
Alternate arm casting 10,00 €
Alternate back casting 10,00 €
Alternating knee cast 10,00 €
Full cast 15,00 €
Flash casting 15,00 €
Spanish coat 20,00 €
Upper body wash 10,00 €
Lower body wash 10,00 €
Complete wash 15,00 €
Body wash 10,00 €
Kneipp wrap

The term refers to the part of the body wrapped with wet woolen and linen cloths, e.g. neck, chest, leg, loin or calf compresses. Most compresses are applied with cold additives, e.g. Retterspitz, vinegar or clay water. Hot compresses with thyme or spruce needles, for example.

per arm 10.00 €
per leg 10.00 €
Hay cushion application

The fragrant hay cushion is a moist heat pack filled with seeds, flowers, leaves and some chopped hay. The pack is heated in the steam bath and applied to the back, neck, knees or abdomen at a temperature that is as hot as tolerable.

Hay cushion application 20.00 €
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